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Keyes Toyota Testimonials

Truly appreciative of the help I receive from Angel and Alvaro. They were friendly and extremely helpful from the moment I walked in to the moment I left.

2013 Toyota Corolla S

- Sun Valley, California

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Buying a car is a stressful experience, but they assured me that they would help me get my dream car, and they did! I love my car! Thank you to all of the Keyes Toyota Saff. I don-t want to leave anyone out, because everyone was great. I will go there for my next four cars. See you next time!

Toyota Camry 2013

- Castaic, Ca

We are so impressed by this dealership. We have never been treated with such courtesy and attention to our needs before and we are blown away. We will always now be using Keyes Toyota. Please ask for James before you head over and you will be in the best hands.

Toyota Sienna

- Calabasas, CA

I bought my Base Model 2008 RAV4 from another dealer, but I live close to this one and with the exception of a few times in the beginning, have had my service done here. I tried another dealer close to where I work, since they have better hours, but the service I receive from Mario Chutan is above par- after going to him the first time, there was no looking back :-- ----Fast forward to 2013, when my beloved RAV4 was totaled on the freeway..... I-m hoping to buy another RAV4- whatever I end up buying though, I will continue to go to Mario at -quot-Keyes Keyes Keyes, Keyes on Van Nuys!-quot- -lol!-

2008 Toyota RAV4

- Sherman Oaks, CA

I took my car in for service and had an excellent experience. Mario Chutan was friendly, helpful, professional and very nice person. He gave me all recommendations about my car. He explained me everything by details what has to be done in my car . I will definitely recommend Mario Chutan to family and friends. ---- Svitlana L.

Toyota Tacoma 2007

- Hollywood, CA

First let me start by saying whenever you shop for a car if you don-t have a good attitude or are rude, just don-t expect to get good service. You get what you give.----That said, I went shopping for a car this weekend after an extensive internet search for a car that would meet both my budget, safety, reliability -amp- versatility standards. I knew I wanted to purchase a car this weekend and had already researched several makes-models etc and was out to do a few test drives. I went to Keyes Lexus dealer next door to Keyes Toyota and spent about 20 minutes on the lot but unfortunately wasn-t greeted or approached by anyone at all.----I walked over to Keyes Toyota where I was promptly greeted with a large smile by sales rep Anthony. He was very informative and I appreciated his no pressure approach. He walked with me through several cars -amp- suv-s getting the keys to more than a handful while I inspected each one. I saw a 2011 Toyota Highlander -amp- fell in love. We took it for a test drive, went through all the features and Anthony answered all my questions. He was unsure about the mpg but was very honest -amp- told me he would look into the details and let me know shortly. I appreciated his honesty -amp- told him such. I left the dealership -amp- told him I would come back later in the day with my husband to get his opinion -amp- do another test drive. Anthony was not pushy, simply gave me his card, took my number and told me that he hoped to see me later in the day.----I came back test drove the car again later in the afternoon with my husband who also loved the car and we decide to move forward with the purchase. Anthony was working on another sale but his partner Nick was happy to pick up where he left off and assist me with the purchase. Nick was also very honest, made every attempt to help us and didn-t try to -quot-sell-quot- us at all. Amazingly this car was a special deal because it was actually marked for a dealer to dealer purchase and actually sold but the other dealer didn-t come to pick it up so Evan, the used car manager gave the okay to sell it to me at a price even LOWER than the was giving the other dealership. We went through a few rounds of negotiations, I was calm and able to request additional value on my trade in due to recent servicing on my current car. Evan -amp- Nathan worked together to increase the trade in amount offer.----It was literally the deal of a lifetime and no other dealership could even come close to the deal. I checked every other major dealer in a 30 mile vicinity to ensure I was getting the best deal and nothing even close to the deal that Evan, Anthony, Nathan -amp- Nick put together for me! I ended up with a brand new car 2011 Toyota Highlander with 35k miles still under warranty and the branch manager at my credit union shook my hand because she had never seen a deal where the total amount of the loan including the trade in was less than the value of the new car. According to them, I got my car 10k under assessed value and more than 4k under blue book!!!----I also appreciated Harry in Finance, he was patient with me as I read every line of the paperwork and through the edits, he didn-t lose his composure at all even though he was swamped.----To top it all off, at the end of the sale, I realized that I forgot my checkbook and Nick was kind enough to follow me home -amp- return the checks so that I didn-t need to go back -amp- forth to the dealership.----Yes, it was pretty much divine intervention that this deal happened but it HAPPENED and was a collaborative effort of Anthony, Nick, Nathan -amp- Evan. They were equitable, candid, pleasant and very accommodating throughout the entire process. Their service was bar-none the best I have received at a car dealership. I hope that their superiors see this review and honor them. If ANYONE is looking for a new or used car, I would absolutely recommend you see this team of gentlemen. It was the first time I went into a car dealership and didn-t feel hustled or treated like I had no idea what I was talking about from being a woman. Their approach to sales is refreshing -amp- I wish all of them nothing but the best.----Carlene F

2011 Toyota Highlander

- Northridge, CA




I cannot say enough about my wonderful experience with Alvaro Cantillo. When I first started looking into purchasing a new car, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous, especially about my financing situation. When I met Alvaro he put me right at ease and went over all of my options. I felt like he really listened to me and my situation, and tailored suggestions that would be suitable to my needs. At other dealerships I visited, I felt the salesmen were overly abrasive, and concerned only with selling what needed to be gotten rid of, as opposed to putting me in something that would be right for me. I felt the exact opposite when Alvaro sat down with me- it was clear that he is willing to go above and beyond for his customers. He knew exactly what I was looking for, and even made alternate suggesstions when we couldnt find anything I was excited about in the inventory that was in my price range. At the end of the day, he was able to refer me over to another Keyes dealer that was able to meet my needs. Instead of pushing something on me that he knew I wouldnt be happy with, he graciously turned me over to another trusted affiliate. This type of customer service is uncompromised, and I know that I will be referring others and returning to Alvaro and Keyes Toyota for my future needs.

Nissan Versa, 2008

- Sherman Oaks, CA

I liked dealing with Carlos and Amor (the salesman). They were righteous, friendly and listened to what I wanted.

- Racheline B.

I really liked Amor's attention to us as well as his upbeat attitude and genuine helpfulness to get us the car we wanted. He really appeared to go to bat for us and we got a good deal. Thanks Amor!!

- Jovan W.

I certainly had a good impression of the manager, Alfred. My purchase might not have happened without Alfred's professional assistance and patience.

- Sumitra T.

Our salesperson, Scott Glen was very polite, professional and knowledgable. All the staff members that we dealt with were also considerate and polite.

- Mithoo R.

Everything worked well to my satisfaction and our agent, Hamid, was more than willing to work with us to our satisfaction.

- Guity E.

Sidney was a pleasure to deal with. He understood just what I was looking for.

- Cary F.

Salesperson had good knowledge of the product and how it compared to others on the lot. I liked the sales team and the appearance of the dealership.

- Evelyn G.

The salesperson was very knowledgable and helpful and gave the right tips to choose the car. He did his best to please me and I'm very happy with my purchase.

- Kristine H.

This was the FIRST positive car buying experience in 23 years in Los Angeles. Sales personnel and staff were outstanding. Thank you!

- Joel K.

I appreciated the professionalism of Keyes and I will definitely recommend this dealership to family and friends.

- Leopold R.

I liked the honesty of the dealer personnel and their friendly relationships with customers.

- Eddie S.

Thank you at Keyes Toyota for your consideration and professionalism.

- David W.

Both the sales department and the service department were a pleasure to do business with. They show a lot of concern about taking care of their customers and making sure they are happy. This is the third vehicle that I have purchased from Keyes. I continue to return because of the excellent friendly service I always receive. Habibi our salesman was very helpful and friendly.

- Karen B.

Sidney was a very courteous young man. He had a pleasant way about him and was patient with us and attentive to our requests. The rest of the staff that helped us was also professional and this made the process of buying a car less stressful than usual.

Thank you.

- Philip G.

Negotiating was a great experience especially how Edward took care of us. He made us feel like family and very welcome. Great customer service. Edward is such a pleasure to do business with. I gave him and the dealer 5 stars...

- Arus M.