Best Toyota Cars for Los Angeles Drivers

best toyota for los angeles driving

Los Angeles, how we love thee. We could do without the high cost of living, the 30 minute commute, high taxes, and so much else. But then we see the vibrant arts and culture, the amazing food, and the people who are so much more agreeable when we don’t have to share the 405 with them, and realize there’s nowhere we’d rather be. If you’re looking for the right car to take advantage of the best of the City of Angels (or just to avoid the worst of it), it’s time to visit Keyes Toyota.

Driving Conditions in Los Angeles

The commute time we mentioned above may have seemed a bit low to you. Bear in mind that’s the average — each way — when we’re lucky. We’re also the most stressed commuters in the country, since drivers here aren’t the best, and for all the taxes we pay, our roads aren’t in nearly as good a shape as they should be. So even though we don’t have to worry about snow or torrential downpours, drivers in Southern California still have our share of concerns.

Toyota Vehicle Features

Luckily, Keyes Toyota has a new Toyota car, SUV, or truck for nearly every scenario. With tight fuel economy and emissions standards, it’s no surprise that the state bird of California could well be the Toyota Prius. Even though lots of people love the extensive selection of new Toyota hybrids at their Toyota dealership near Los Angeles, the reliability, fuel efficiency, Entune infotainment, and Toyota Safety Sense features offered by our Toyota cars gives you many choices that don’t wear the Prius badge.

Our Best Toyota Cars

The Toyota Prius family has plenty to offer, of course, but there’s also the Toyota Camry (or the Toyota Camry Hybrid) if you want a car that stands out, offering excellent resale value atop legendary dependability and comfort. The Toyota RAV4 is great for carpooling and cargo alike, in either its gas-powered or hybrid-drive variants. Or maybe your ideal Toyota car is a truck — the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Tundra are tough enough for the job site and comfy enough for a fun weekend. Each has its own strengths for LA drivers.

The choice of the right car helps when you live in the LA area. So, too, does your choice of Toyota dealership. That’s why we invite you to 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA, home of Keyes Toyota. We offer sales, parts, financing, and Toyota service to drivers from Glendale, Northridge, and Hollywood. Stop by today!