Genuine Toyota Parts at Keyes Toyota

genuine toyota parts

You’ve finally done it. After years of putting off, months of research, and a few visits to your Toyota dealership, you’ve finally bought that Toyota Corolla you wanted. Congratulations. You’re not done yet, and neither is Keyes Toyota. Your Toyota car has a reputation for reliability, but it also relies on you. We’re here to help with regular service and genuine Toyota parts so it lives up to that reputation.

New Toyota vehicles are a modern marvel. They’re aerodynamically efficient, they’ll perform for years, and they contain technology that would have been unthinkable when some of these models were first introduced. As good as they are, they’re still subject to the laws of physics.

Why it’s important to maintain your vehicle parts:

Car parts, including your tires, oil, and brakes, perform every day under high stress. They need periodic replacement to run their best and keep you safe!

Your engine is made up of thousands of parts that are under constant friction, and in constant motion. Your tires have to move several thousand pounds, and your brakes have to bring all of it to a halt on demand. Each of those things cause wear. The fluids and motor oil that ease that friction also wear out. Other components, like belts, hoses, and filters aren’t indestructible either.

Finding the right parts is easy. You simply drop by the Toyota parts department at Keyes Toyota and we’ll make sure you get the right parts fast. What we don’t have in stock (it happens) we can order. We offer OEM replacement parts so you know you’re getting quality, and we also offer frequent parts specials to keep costs reasonable.

Parts/parts-related offerings:

  • OEM Toyota parts
  • Toyota accessories
  • Parts specials
  • Service by Toyota-trained technicians

And of course, there’s more. We stock a variety of accessories, from cargo organizers to all-weather mats and performance parts, to make your vehicle as unique as you are. Our service department offers installation for all of it, plus the key maintenance that keeps your Toyota vehicle running its best.

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We see this every day with the cars that pass through our Toyota dealership near Los Angeles. But we also know that Toyota vehicles last because each part matters — whether during the building of the car, its maintenance, or for repairs. That’s why we invite you to visit the Keyes Toyota parts department, located right here at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.