How Toyota Car Safety Features Work to Keep You Safe

how safety features work

Living in the Los Angeles area is a joy. Driving here? That’s another story. The roads, the commutes, and fellow drivers combine to make each ride a bit of a nail-biter. So if you’re looking for the safest new cars, we don’t blame you. We suggest looking to the new Toyota models here at Keyes Toyota.

Toyota Safety Features and How They Work

Broadly speaking, there are two classes of safety features. Each plays a different part in keeping you safe, and does so in different ways. Passive safety features are older technology we take for granted these days, like seatbelts and airbags. They come into play when there’s been a collision; they restrain and shield the body at the point of impact. Active safety features are newer technology and work much differently. As their name suggests, they act to prevent crashes where possible, or to mitigate the effects should a crash happen.

Toyota-Specific Safety Features

Toyota vehicles contain both passive and active safety features.

Toyota STAR Safety System

The Toyota STAR safety system is a series of passive safety measures found in all new Toyota vehicles. It encompasses Traction Control, Anti-Lock Brakes, Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control, Smart Stop Technology, and Electronic Brake-force Distribution. Each aids in handling, stability, and stopping for safer driving.

Toyota Safety Sense

Many manufacturers’ active safety systems involve option packages and steep markups. In contrast, Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) is included on new Toyota vehicles whether you’re buying the Toyota Corolla in base trim or splurging on a top-trim Toyota Prius. Features like Pre-Collision System With Pedestrian Detection, active cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic high beams are standard, while some features can be optioned in, or come standard on higher trim levels.

Finding Your Safe New Car

Driving around LA, Mission Hills, and Northridge, CA can be a challenge. But it need not be inherently unsafe. A bit of defensive driving, and the car safety features found in today’s Toyota cars, SUVs, and trucks, can preserve life, limb, and peace of mind. To find out more -- whether you’re shopping for a new car or just want to get the most out of the one you’ve already got -- visit your Van Nuys Toyota dealership. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.