How to Trade in Your Toyota Car


At Keyes Toyota, we do our best to match our customers with the right car with the right financing for the lowest possible monthly payments. But did you know there’s a way you can help us to help you? Savvy car buyers already know there’s value in their old cars. For the uninitiated, here’s why your Van Nuys Toyota dealership wants your old car!

Why Trade In Your Vehicle?

The Toyota financing available at Keyes Toyota helps many buyers — from first-timers building their credit to those who might be re-building after a life event — afford the car they want. As you know, one of the ways to make your payments easier is to raise your down payment to lower your monthly payments.

Your trade-in pads out your down payment and slims what you pay month-to-month.

Why Trade In at Keyes Toyota?

Low monthly payments are a good enough reason to trade in your vehicle, but that’s hardly the only reason. Selling your current vehicle always leaves you wondering whether you got a fair price — and stuck with the nagging feeling you could’ve done better. Don’t go through the trouble or the headaches; we’re more than happy to give you a fair price the first time. After all, our stock of pre-owned and certified pre-owned Toyota vehicles relies on people like you!

What’s Next?

There are a few things we’d like you to know before you trade in your car.

  1. We specialize in Toyota cars, but other makes and models are fair game too!
  2. Since it takes time to value your trade, give your Toyota dealer plenty of notice if you’re planning on trading in.
  3. Bring your vehicle’s title, manual, and maintenance records along.
  4. All those valuables, money, toys, and other doodads that got lost over the years? Clean them out of your car before you bring it in.

Even though everyone’s financial situation is different, we all share one thing in common: we each know that buying a new Toyota car is an investment. The trade-in program at your Los Angeles area Toyota dealership gives that investment a bit of a leg up. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. Why not stop by today?