Pre-Owned vs Certified Pre-owned Toyota Cars at Keyes Toyota


Pre-owned cars aren’t all alike. Because their new cars are so good, pre-owned Toyota cars prove their worth with durability and dependability. Certified pre-owned Toyota cars go even further still. So if you want a great car that isn’t necessarily new — just new to you — you’ve got more options at Keyes Toyota than you may have realized.

2019 Toyota Corolla

Benefits of buying pre-owned:

  • Lower cost
  • More variety
  • Low rate of depreciation
  • Pay cash or low monthly payments

We understand why buying a new car is so attractive, especially if it’s a new Toyota model. But buying new isn’t always a practical or affordable option. Even if you can afford a new car right now, you may still want to buy a pre-owned Toyota vehicle.

To begin with, the car has already taken its biggest hit from depreciation. Cost is also a consideration, since you may be able to afford to pay your car off faster or have lower monthly payments. Toyota cars like the Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4 are legendary for their reliability, so you know you’re getting quality.

There’s something else to remember: we carry a lot more used makes and models that have nothing to do with the Toyota brand. Your trade-in has value, too, so even if it’s not a Toyota SUV you’re after, stop by anyway. You’ll get a fair trade-in value and are just as likely to find something from another brand you like.

CPO, or certified pre-owned Toyota cars have some attributes that can seem like disadvantages at first glance. One is selection; there’s far fewer of them on our lot. The other is price; they cost a bit more than your typical used car. Both of these things are for good reasons, however.

CPO cars are newer, and because of that their infotainment and safety technology are more advanced than many “used” cars. They are also required to pass a strict multipoint inspection; if the car has too many miles, it’s been poorly maintained, or it’s been abused, it’s not going to pass its certification. If it does pass, you’re protected by a one year/12,000 mile comprehensive warranty, plus a seven year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty with roadside assistance.

What you need to know about CPO:

CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Toyota models offer the best of both pre- owned and new Toyota cars.

Don’t forget that your purchase is also backed by the great Toyota service, parts, and financing you can only get at your Toyota dealership serving Los Angeles. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA, and we’re here for all your automotive needs!